What would you say it's harder to learn and become better at?

When a native Spanish speaker is learning English or vice-versa (English to Spanish that is).

I'm now at intermediate level. Too many accents in Spanish that's for sure and more vocabulary words. Obviously still don't sound like a native Spanish speaker but I do understand what's going on in a long Spanish conversation.

  • Spanish to English
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  • Equally hard for both
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It's a bit harder when I'm trying to write long paragraphs in Spanish. I know what I want to say but forming the words is the harder part.


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  • Definitely learning English. We have so many rules and then a billion exceptions. Spanish is much more uniform.


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  • I would say it's equal. For me, I speak English (of course) and I am learning French and it's so hard. :/


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  • English is everywhere, you listen to it very often, it's definitely easier to learn English.