Male roommate borrows clothing. Is it weird?

How do you feel about a roommate borrowing your clothes from time to time?
I feel like girl roommates borrowing is less strange than dudes doing it? Or is it just strange on both ends?
I have a male roommate that asks once in awhile.
Two jackets, one casual one dressier. Like three pairs of jeans and one shirt.
He always returns them clean except for the one time a pair of my jeans laid in the bottom of his hamper for two weeks under some unwashed clothes. Wasn't happy about that.
Is it just me though or is it weird to see another dude wearing your shirt and jeans out?

How do guys feel about this?

How do girls feel about this?

  • It's not weird for either sex
  • It's weird for both sexes
  • It's weird for girls to borrow other girls
  • It's weird for guys to borrow other guys
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Most Helpful Girl

  • its not weird for either gender.


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  • I wouldn't bother clothes to anyone except my brothers, cause FAMILY. But for people i live with, fk no... people dont treat you're stuff with the same respect so no.

    • I'm not too concerned about him wrecking them or anything like that. It's just weird to see a guy wearing my pants and shirt.

    • true, reason 2 i wouldn't lend shit like that to others xD

What Girls Said 2

  • I wouldn't say it's weird for either sex but if you're uncomfortable with it, then it's fine to say no :)

    • It's kind of weird for me to see another dude wearing my cothes.

  • Nah, as long as they are okay with you borrowing it, it doesn't matter. I actually think it's nice if the roommates are close enough where they are okay with doing that stuff.


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