Do you think the refugees spreading across Europe will prove dangerous for the world? Just Europe? Or not dangerous at all?

According to the UN, 72% of all the refugees are men. Do you think this means that it's likely many of them are religious extremists? If so, do you believe they will cause a problem for the world or just Europe?

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I want to be clear here - there are genuine refugees from this, no doubt. Syria is in a bad state and I fully realize that something needs to be done about helping those in need.

But in February, ISIS declared they would infiltrate the world via refugees. Don't believe me, read this:

In fact, Gaddafi predicted this back in 2011 when Hillary Clinton pushed for his death and for the installation of a US puppet government:


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  • probably just in Europe.


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  • It's not just in Europe , it's also in the states

    • Yeah, but they are being pre-checked from the UN and 'shipped' over here. They cannot just walk to the US. They can travel, by land, to Europe.

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    • You're referring to the Greek Coast Guard, and yes. But that still has little to do with the states.

    • No a load was supposedly intercepted off the coast of the Carolinas or so I was told

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  • There are bound to be some bad nuts in the bunch. But I'd bet like 99% of them are honest citizens who are seeking political and religious refuge from persecution.

    • I agree with you, I've met many Syrians and they're generally good people, most of them want to go back home anyways after the war.

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    • Someone fighting a war is more likely to be male. But are you then saying that because they are male that we should just shoot them on the spot? You're male. If you were being persecuted and sought asylum, would you be willing to be shot because, hey, you're a dude?

    • "But are you then saying that because they are male that we should just shoot them on the spot?" - wth? How do you go from me suggesting there are militants mixed in with the refugees to me suggesting we shoot them all?

      Of course not, but there should be a lot more precautionary steps taken before these people are allowed access. Marriage certificates, birth certificates, etc.

      If you were to ask for asylum in another country, do you think it would be 'horrible' of them to ask for documentation proving their origin and intent? Of course not. Granted, some of them will likely have lost those papers, but in those cases, the world government's should come together and fund the construction of refugee camps in a neutral area away from the masses of citizenry. And only after some time should they be allowed to filter into the various countries around the world.

      That's called being 'smart'.

  • Yeah, they're a bunch of terrorists. It's kinda obvious.


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  • Lets look at something here i think most people are missing. Im probably gonna get hate for saying this but i dont actually give a flying fuck.

    Now, Why are these people fleeing their country? Because civil war...
    Now, Why is there civil war in their country? Because of Muslim extremists like ISIS.
    Now, Tell me... Why are we letting people, Who have beliefs that have so massively fucked up their own countries, Into our countries? Surely would their beliefs not also cause the same problems in OUR societies?

    Honestly, I dont think Europe should have to take in these migrants, Its not our problem, If all those Qu'ran bashers want to commit genocide on each other thats their deal, Not the wests, Why should i have to pay more taxes and shit to fund ''Asylum Seekers'' Scrounging off our economy?

    And, Yes... that makes me a bad person, But,.. i dont really care, Life is shit, And we all die one day anyway, So... why the fuck does it matter? Surely should we not try and maintain our own soceities and economy before putting them on the line to help people who have already fucked their own economy and society up?

    Personally i dont think so...

    • I would agree with you except for one thing - the Syrian war isn't a civil war at all. In fact, the US is arming the (we call them) "rebels," but in reality they are a section of "ISIS." The US wants to get rid of Assad, just as they got rid of Gaddafi in Libya.

      In fact, ISIS is nothing more than the proxy army for the US. Watch this video to understand it:

  • 72% are men?
    Damn I knew there were a lot of men but I never knew it was this much.
    Go back and fight cowards.

    • Thank you - that's my point exactly. In a normal country, where there are legitimate refugees, 72% of them are NOT going to be men.

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    • Yanukovich was removed with US help there's no deny it but for once a moderate government has come to power instead of an extremist one. There was a lot of fear because of the country's instability so joining Russia provided immediate security. Radical groups such as Svoboda and Right Sector wanted to use violence to overthrow the elected leaders of Crimea so they saw no choice. Ukraine is still finding it's footing since this is the first elected government that is pro-West and is fighting corruption although not very effectively.

    • I'm actually writing a series of myTakes on the topic.
      Part 1 was released recently