Did you notice these plot holes in these films?

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  • Of the ones I saw, some of those aren't plot holes..

    The lion kind ones were iffy, at best. And the "Why didn't the character simply do this?" questions aren't really a hole so much as bad character development.
    The Rapunzel one she actually had a brown streak in her hair after that bit was cut off.
    The Mulan one I noticed.
    The Monster's Inc thing seemed to revolve around screams/laughter only functioning as power in the monster world, so there is no access to doors from the human world.
    The one about frozen was something I noticed, but just assumed they public heard somehow. It's true they don't really make time for that, though.
    As far as them accepting her witchy powers, that is odd, but it's classic disney..
    And as for where her powers come from, that's not a hole..
    Cinderella's glass slipper was something I just figured that was her fairy god mother helping out as much as she could, but it is a hole.
    The toy story one could just be that it was bought new in an antique shop or something.. Not saying that is the explanation, just saying that there are explanations. I guess it sort-of qualifies as a hole, though.
    With Buzz not freezing, I can kind-of see how it's a hole, but the "not an automatic magical trigger or something" isn't necessarily true.
    With ariel not eating sea food, that's just dumb. She lives in the ocean. What else would they eat? I could understand if they were sitting down to eat a mermaid, but no.. that's not what happened.
    As far as the "why wouldn't ariel do this?" thing, that's more a character problem. Anyway, I got the impression she wanted to make a fresh impression and not claim to be the girl he was looking for without being able to back it up with her voice.
    The rest was all "why didn't this character do this?" stuff...

    Overall, a bad list.

    One plot hole that has been bothering me lately is from World War Z. How the hell did that zombie near the end get on the plane?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes, not all but most of them.


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  • Not all of them were even plot holes, some of it was just poor writing. How can you make that mistake in a video about plot holes? So much fail. But I haven't seen most of these movies so I cannot say I knew a lot of that.


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  • Only some of them.