Would you break up with your boyfriend if you found out he cheated on you 2 years ago?

Let's say you've been together with your boyfriend for 3 years and you just find out he's cheated on you before. It was 2 years ago. You didn't know about it.

Do you still continue dating him or let it go since it was 2 years ago?

Would you cry and be really upset or not really since it was 2 years ago?

  • I'd break up with him immediately
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  • It depends. I'd think about it.
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  • I would Most likely stay with him since it happened 2 years ago.
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  • I'd be devastated and really hurt and probably break up with him
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  • I'd be hurt and break up with him. He didn't tell me he cheated right away and even if he did, I wouldn't stay with a cheater. He can eat my shit.


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  • I voted for C (for if I found out that my girlfriend cheated 2 years ago) because I tend to believe in giving second chances for cheating (but not more than that) mostly on the basis of whether that person seems like they're going to change their ways. The fact that they cheated 2 years ago (but not after that) would demonstrate to me their ability to not do it again.

    And the not telling part is excusable in a sense. There are some advice sites that these days have been advising people to not tell their significant others, and there are some understandable reasons as to why one would not want to tell their SO (although my opinion is that if I for any reason was in that position, I would).

    I don't know. I think some people are too rigid in their beliefs and think cheating immediately equals relationship over. I don't agree with that necessarily. I think one should look at cheating on a case-by-case basis and try to give the other person another chance if there seems to be good potential for the offender to not do it again.

    Someone told me that my "age is showing" on the basis of my opinion, but I've actually seen older people being more forgiving of cheating. Younger people are actually usually much more quick and gutsy to end relationships, so I don't think so.


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  • No question in my mind at all. Done, dumped, and dead to me. Instantaneously. Then end, good bye, good night.

  • it depends on the details but i would definitely still be hurt by it. i'd be even more hurt probably that it was 2 years ago and i didn't know about it! just because it happened 2 years ago, doesn't excuse the fact that it happened. >;/

  • When someone cheats once they are more likely to cheat again

    • What if that's the only time he cheated in the 3 years?

    • i would still break up with him

  • i would break up with him.


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