Is taking motion sickness pills to fall asleep bad?

Motinon sicness pills make me really sleepy, so when I can't fall asleep, I sometimes just take them. I'm giessting this is bad for me? Or does it not really affect my body. And by the way I don't do this that often. Maybe like once a month or so.


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  • Yes because it makes you dependent on the pills to fall asleep at night. If you have difficulty falling asleep go to your doctor and ask him to give you a sleeping aid that is NOT addictive. But I actually read somewhere that emotional comforts work just as well as sleeping aids. What helps me to go to bed at night is fantasizing about utopias.

    • Motion sickness pills aren't addictive, but it still isn't a good idea.

    • It depends which pills you are talking about. Gravel is addictive and taking it too much will make you want to throw up when you are not using it.

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  • If you do it rarely I can't see it causing a problem but no doctor would advise it. If you can't sleep you should figure out why and go from there. I'm pretty experienced with insomnia so if you need some tips you can ask me. But first you need to know why you can't sleep.

    • Thanks for the advise! What are some tips?

    • Wake up at the same time everyday.
      Try to go to sleep at the same time too.
      Don't use any electronics within 30 min of bedtime.
      Try melatonin

  • its not a big deal.

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