College Fraternity questions?

I rushed only one fraternity because one of the guys in hyped me up. So I felt disrespected rushing any other one. Thinking I had a chance I was pumped until the next day when I didn't recieve a bid. My question to all of you is that should I go out for the same frat next semester or look into other ones?


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  • That sucks. Next intake I would probably rush a bunch to get a better grasp of the people in them. Hit up the various parties and beer gardens and events as well during this semester to get a sense of how they are when they are 'in the wild' and not trying to impress potential pledges.

    You may want to give the one you rushed another visit if you really liked it, but really don't feel bad about rushing more than one. It can be a big decision, and a lot of times the friends you make in one will be friends for life. Find one that really fits you well.

  • Those guys are fucking tools, they don't care about you, because they know they'll get a bunch of pledges from stupid guys who are desperate for "bros" and alcohol.