Are you a folder or a crumpler?

Talking about toilet paper here ;)

I'm a folder. I tried crumpling once and got some unpleasant surprise on my finger because there was a spot with only one layer of TP and it broke. So I'd rather spent the extra time folding lol also, I find it more wasteful to crumple instead of fold.

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  • Folder all the way. If I'm spending the time to go to the bathroom, I might as well take a full measure instead of a half measure. That way, the layering is all right, there isn't any gap, and you get max surface area of toilet paper when you wipe. In a world of quality vs time, I'm going to choose quality.


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  • I've become a master of crumpling though, I don't even think about it, I get the edges and crumple them all together, which leaves a little kinda handle for me to hold onto, and a nice big flat surface to wipe with, the way i do it there's no risk of contact because when you bush it up like that there's a thick amount of paper between where im holding and where it wipes
    to me folding... is just way too thin, if it soakes it up quickly it will really easily get on your fingers
    but each to their own, im pretty sure most people fold haha


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  • Hahaha your question made me giggle a little in a good way. Thanks I needed the laugh. :) Anyway I always fold because folding is simply better.

    • The best toilets in the world are the ones they have in Japan. They are so advanced. They make the rest of the world look 100 years in the past kind of thing.

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    • @Aizou WOW! That would not stop me living in Japan though if I wanted to. Thanks for the link mate.

  • I fold. Seems less wasteful. 8-)


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