MBTI Personality Test: Where do you fall?

I quite like these tests, I don't think they are dreadfully accurate for the most part but it's a bit of fun. The test takes under 10 minutes to take, post your results and if you think they describe you well or not.

Here is the link to the test: https://www.16personalities.com

For me, mine is pretty accurate on the most part, I got the ISTP PERSONALITY, the description is below:


"ISTP women are especially rare, and the typical gender roles that society tends to expect can be a poor fit"

This is why I don't cope well with GaG... haha!


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  • I got INTP, but the N was only like 51%, so with a different set of questions I could have just as easily gotten ISTP

    • Yeah, I'm usually borderline on every section. The problem with these tests is they can change depending on your mood, they are not very accurate at all... just a bit of fun.

    • I once saw an MBPI that accounted for statistical ties, and had assessments for them. They gave me one that was an "IS/NTP" assessment, and it was absolutely spot on.

    • Sounds a bit more of an accurate way of doing things, borderline traits I don't think are accurate. It's a 1 or 0 kind of scenario. People are ore complex than that.

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  • Whenever I do these test things, I reflect back on myself and think about how much I've changed over the years, but I always get the exact same result: INTJ





    • Ah! Your face is back! :)

      Mine very so much on my mood I think, plus a sliding scale is quite limited with regards to insight, still interesting... and I'm not surprised by your results ;)

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  • INTP this time I frequently bounce between INTJ, ENTJ, INTP depending on when and what questions I am asked.

  • INFP (The Mediator) with my 46% being intuitive.

    Sounds like me. It's kinda creepily accurate. I don't like control or like being controlled, apparently an INFP thing, I don't like doing shit that is unreasonable and stupid. I'm a writer, so I guess that's where my form of creativity kicks in. I am hard to get to know, on a deep level, and in terms of parenting (in like 10 years), I want my kids to get to try many things and find their own niche in the world.

  • Taking these tests for a long time and every time I got INFP. Extremely accurate.

    • I'm so borderline with everything that I can take the test minutes apart and it be different.

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    • Then that makes you... maybe a flexible person? Don't know but sounds cool. I'm boring INFP :(

    • I've always felt like a social chameleon.

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