Why does the moutaindew dew shine taste like alcohol if it says "No alcohol?


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  • Where on Mtn Dew does it say "no alcohol"?

    • Have you seen the clear mountain dew? its called dew shine, and it literally tastes like moonshine, but it says "No alcohol" and I think they are lying because A.) I know what shine tastes like, and B.) there's no nutrition facts on it.

    • I haven't had mtn dew in years. That sounds gross. I'd think you'd know though if it was laced with moonshine if you drank a whole bottle.

    • I could only stand a little bit of it, because this was at 1am, I was thirsty and I had a bottle in my fridge so I opened it and drank some and I was like WTF this is moonshine not mountain dew.

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  • Even no alcoholic beer has.5% booze

    • Yeahh, but this is the clear mountain dew... Why would it taste like Moonshine? Is it Mountain dew's version of moonshine?

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