Whats in your bag?

I'm using 2 bags atm

first bag would be my aigner handbag
- chap stick
- neutral color lipstick
- hand cream
- my favorite black ferragamo wallet
- 2 packs of ciggy
- lighter
- scarf
- iphone charger
- vape charger
- vape
- e liquid
- handsfree
- pepper spray
- Britney Spears fantasy perfume
- pack of mints
- bubble gum

and my second bag is chanel flap bag i only use this bc i have a special event coming up tmrrw
- red lipstick
- credit card
- debit card
- some cash
- prada pour homme (yes this is for men but i really like the scent lol)
- a pack of ciggy and lighter
- a pack of chewing gum

whats in your bag?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Laptop bag
    1. Laptop
    2. Pens
    3. Laptop Charger
    4. Data chord
    5. Portable Wifi
    6. USB adapter
    7. Scratch pad
    8. Scotch tape
    9. Glue
    10. Business card holder
    11. Cards (Debit / Credit) holder
    12. SD card adapter
    13. Mobile phone charger
    14. Paper scissors
    15. Stapler / remover
    16. Flash drives (4)
    17. Disks containing my daughter's videos and pictures :D <3 <3

    Vanity bag
    1. Deodorant
    2. Perfume / EDT
    3. Hair comb & brush
    4. Scissors (for trimming facial hair)
    5. Sun screen
    6. Shower gel (travel pack)
    7. Shampoo (travel pack)
    8. Cigarette pack
    9. Lighter
    10. Mint spray
    11. Loofah

    Gym bag
    1. Spare clothes (formal and gym - one set each)
    2. Gym gloves
    3. Gym towel - 2
    4. Large towel (post shower stuff)
    5. Gym shoes
    6. Spare formal shoes
    7. Laundry bags (3)
    8. Briefs (2)
    9. Protein bars (3)
    10. Supporters
    11. Incidental usage bags (paper & plastic)
    12. First aid / Medical stuff
    12.1. Spray on pain reliever / muscle relaxant
    12.2. Medicated tape
    12.3. Vitamins etc (post and pre gym stuff)
    12.4. Sorbitrate (just in case of symptoms of a cardiac arrest - not recommended but in such situations one would try and do anything lol)

    Food bag
    1. Breakfast
    2. Lunch
    3. Mid / evening meals
    4. Fruit (2/3)
    5. Flask (generally buttermilk)
    6. Bottles of water (2)

    @YourFutureEx - as the question warrants :)

    P. S. Haven't checked my inventory and may have missed a thing or two

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    • Don't use gym gloves. They weaken your grip and give you girly hands.

    • Thank you young lady for your kind, thoughtful and generous gesture of selecting my opinion the MH :) :)

      @ConsultantIsBack thank you for that :) while I realize where you come from, my palms are so rough naturally that whenever (which is all the time) I touch my daughter's cheeks she complains my palms feel like sand paper lol. If I don't use gloves the skin area just below my fingers on my palms start bunching up into something almost razor sharp before beginning to split up. Gloves save me from all those :)

Most Helpful Girl

  • I have lots of bags, but most of em are empty. I only fill the one that I'm gonna take out with me.

    Currently in my bag, I have..
    • an umbrella
    • car keys and house keys
    • pepper spray
    • iPod
    • earphones
    • usb
    • powerbank
    • comb
    • wallet
    • a pouch for cards
    • two packs of tissues
    • pads (I always have em)


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What Guys Said 6

  • I don't have a bag. I put my keys and wallet in my front left pocket and my phone in my front right.

  • I usually carry a small haversack - In it at the moment I have
    (1) My wallet
    (2) A set of keys
    (3) A phone case for phone I am using now
    (4) Deodourant
    (5) Toothbrush and toothpaste
    (6) A packet of travel tissues
    (7) A book
    (8) An A4 refill pad for writing random things
    (9) A small hardback notebook for important things.
    (10) A hat in case it rains
    (11) A pencil case for a few pens.

  • I dont have a bag Also known as a male purse. I have just a pocket with a wallet in it

  • It varies on what day it is, but: Sketch book, a couple note books, pencil case, dry erase markers, headphones, some kind of breath freshener, wallet, laptop, dice, and work apron.

  • My computer and my passport and some change and mints.

  • Bag? Pocket is enough


What Girls Said 16

  • My bag currently contains:

    - Wallet
    - Dry shampoo
    - B&BW’s body spray
    - Receipts from Rexall Pharma Plus
    - Tampons (yep)
    - Lady Speed Stick
    - Keys
    - Travel tissues
    - Hygienic wipes

  • WOAH... that's a lot of stuff.. i have.. umm.. my books.. and a hair brush.. and pens.. and calculator.. and post its.. and earphones.. and wallet.. some cards.. and yeah,, that's pretty much it.. oh and tissue papers..

  • I don't own a bag at all really. :D

    Only time I use a bag is when I go to a place and I just put my laptop and all the comes with it in it.

  • Normally I put things in my pocket. But if I have a bag with me, I'd usually put in my wallet, my student ID card, my phone, and earphone. That's it.

  • Right now, I just came from school, so i have my laptop, a binder with paper, make up bag with concealer, and chapstick and lipstick.. a lighter lol. Keys, hand sanitizer, card holder, change purse.. headphones a water bottle and smokes x

  • I just have one bag that I'm using at the moment. Without looking in it, I believe I have:

    - keys
    - wallet
    - two things of Chapstick
    - small brush
    - mirror
    - headphones
    - iPod
    - random scraps of paper with notes on them

  • I am a minimalist so..

    In my clutch:
    -some form of ID
    -a bit of money
    -credit card
    -lip balm
    -bobby pins

    In my hand bag:
    -everything from my clutch
    -water bottle

  • My school/academy backpack:
    - Like 15 books and notepads
    - pencil case
    - a whole bunch of useless crumpled paper and candy wrappers
    - gum
    - wallet
    - glasses
    - tissues
    - post its

  • - Wallet
    - Zara parfum
    - Painkillers
    - Keys
    - Travel tissues
    - Pen
    - Small Notebook
    -Mint candy
    -Pack of chewing gum

  • -make up
    -student card
    -pen and pencil
    -a little bit of junk paper

  • - wallet
    - some pens (just in case)
    - LOTS of crumplet receipts that I should throw away
    - two lipsticks that I don't ever use
    - umbrella
    - deodorant (Dove go fresh- lemon)
    - disinfectant

  • aside from the usual wallet, keys, cellphone, i also have:

    tissues/wet ones
    pepper spray

    just need a swiss army knife and my purse will be complete :)

  • In my handbag:
    1. Wallet
    2. Phone
    3 book and stationary for uni
    4. Lipstick
    5. Hand sanitiser and a first aid kit.

  • In my school bag:
    1) Books
    2) Pencils
    3) Notebook
    4) 2 pads
    5) Pair of my cotton fullback hello kitty panties
    6) Keys

  • I usually only ever use my small clutch purse.
    Lipstick & Lip chap
    travel sized Hand cream
    Bullet Vibrator (in a lipstick looking case)
    phone charger
    old receipts
    various wrappers and junk
    wallet thingy with some cash and cards.

  • Wallet, lotion, menthol tingly lip gloss, lipstick, hand sanitizer, aspirin & Tylenol, body spray, magnums, keys.