I think my mom is using my child support money?

I was just talking to my dad about how I was upset about not having much clothes, school supplies or new glasses this year. He told me that he gives my mom $700 of child support and that it all belongs to me. My mom says that she uses the child support for rent and bills and she's also getting money from not working so things are not adding up. She also told me that she uses some of the money for her classes, but it can't be that expensive if she's getting money from not working? I want to have a job but it didn't work out last time and I get a lot of work from my honors and college classes, so my mom wants me to work in my senior year. I don't really have a say in anything even though my dad just told me that the money should be for my wellbeing, so I need advice.


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  • If your dad is giving you 700$ per month + still surviving somehow I'd say that "YOU SHOULD MOVE IN WITH HIM" since then, if even 100$ of that money made it back to you (every other week), you'd be able to see the difference #TrustMe ^_^.

    But like ole boy #Laowai said, "blame the family court system, which is generally set up to punish fathers." So basically even though your #FATHER is more #FIT to raise you (financially speaking) somehow your mother got custody #NeverGetsOld (who in the fuck makes these laws?) -_-. And yeah this story is gets told time and time again where the "mother decides to spend the CS money on herself" while leaving the KID + FATHER out to dry. Since what ___ says goes almost everytime in cases like these for some reason retarded reason -_-.

    My #advice to you is the say "screw the system + your mother.. and move in with yor father" since right now you guys are basically helping her subsidize her lifestyle at your expense LOL. So if I'm right "if you don't live with her on pen and paper" he won't have to pay her a dime. Which would = more EVERYTHING FOR YOU while your father is also happier because he's not working 12+ hours a day just to support her. I think you get my point by now



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  • Lucky. My dad doesn't give us much. Asswhole. But your mom is wrong as two left shoes. Understand that bills need to be paid and that probably helps but she can do so much better. My mom gets waaay less than what you guys get and I get everything I need and then some.

    You are suppose to sacrifice for your child. Try to speak to her about what you need respectfully and try not to have an attitude. You shouldn't have to work, school should be your only job. Work sets you back.

    I'm in a similar boat rn. I'm looking for a job because my dad cut off even more money after he pulled a scam on us. Its horrible when parents are selfish. I should be a full time college student but because of my douche bag dad I have to find work to help my mom out.

    I hope everything works out for you.


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  • The law states that child support money is the property of the custodial parent to be used as they see fit. So legally, you have no right/interest in the money; and if she chose to spend it all giving her boyfriend dick tattoos, then the law would be on her side. So your father is just wrong in his assertion that it all belongs to you.

    As custodial parent, she is obliged to support you in such as way that you have adequate food, clothing and shelter, nothing more.

    It sucks, but you can blame the family court system, which is generally set up to punish fathers.

    The fact that she wants to pull you out of AP classes is a really bad decision, as the same credits will cost a lot more in two years if you pay at the college tuition rate.


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  • Sounds like she is using your money, I'd ask your dad to give it to you directly. Believe me my mom is a lot like this, I only work once a month and I bring home $40.00 and a few dollars in tips, and my mom will always try to manipulate me into giving it to her, what I do is just ignore her, it makes her mad, but she shouldn't be manipulating me for my money. If your dad won't give it to you directly ask your mom for an "allowance."