What am I supposed to do here? Daughter's father is being alienating, what can I do legally?

My daughters father keeps taking my daughter on doctors visits, counseling appointments, and signing her up for activities without informing me until after. It's been happening more often than I would like to admit, and through email we exchange our words but he conveniently ignores my plead for being informed prior to these important events. His wife doesn't help either. So some events I hear from my daughters mouth, that's when I usually find out.


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  • I don't understand where specifically your problem is. The only issue I see is these events- perhaps they conflict with your schedule or what you think is right for your daughter.
    Barring that, you need to relax and accept that your daughter has a parent that is not your partner, and makes decisions without you.
    My guess? is that you're feeling left out from important events. I am sorry, but you are not in charge or in control of the other parents actions. Your solution then, is to be in charge of your own actions.
    By this I do NOT mean by controlling your daughter. What I am suggesting, rather, is you find activities and milestones and important parts of growing up that you can provide for your daughter, so that combined, the two of you are giving her all life has to offer.
    Just don't spoil the girl, she needs to experience the unpleasant side of life for herself as well.
    And remember- are you thinking about her or are you thinking about yourself?

    If I've missed the mark, please clarify.


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  • But do you feel the need to know... is he a threat to her?

    If he's a good father and sounds like he is and also has a wife... what's wrong with all that he is doing

  • Sit down and talk to him and work things out...

  • So, what exactly is the problem?


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