Did my account become disabled? If so, why am I anonymous?

For anyone wondering who I am, I'm @CincinnatiRedsFan, the tall, tan, big 25 year old who was on GAG for about nine months.

Anyway, I tried to login to my account today and it signed me in as a 25 year old "Anonymous" user. What happened here? I figured if they disabled my account, they wouldn't have me signed in as anything at all.

It's frustrating, because I have no idea why my account was disabled anyway. I can't be anymore disappointed either :(


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  • i noticed. i hovered over your name on one of the questions i saw in the feed and it said you deactivated. i would contact admin about this issue. i know how proud you were of your xper accomplishments.

    • Interestingly enough, I don't know who you are at all lol.

      Thanks for noticing me though. You're right, I was VERY proud of all of my accomplishments; Especially the fact I had a 40 percent Most Helpful Opinion percentage.

      I'm still very bitter about this. I will contact the administrators immediately.

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    • Yes, that was one of my 370+ questions.

      Oh well, I still haven't received a message back.

    • maybe @xHoneyxBeex can say something on this. she's admin.

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