I want real girlfriends, im kinda tired of inviting myself?

So I moved about 1 month ago and im almost where I want to be.

Im studying, I got friends, I got my own apartment, I Just got a job, im social and I Just met a guy I really like and that I talk to everyday basically. But I dont have any close female friends and lately I feel like I need someone to talk about girls stuff.

I rarely get invited to things.. so I normally invited myself or something like that because my closes friend (guy) and the people i talk to on a regular basis dont go out drinking or go to parties.

I have met several girls that I get a long with, but they never invite me to things and vice versa, im kinda "tired " of inviting myself.

So any advice?


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  • It's only been a month. Just be patient, you seem to have everything else going for you so I'm sure everything will fall into place.


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