Doesn't it suck when you wanted to meet a celebrity in person one day, they die?

Among the few celebrities I wanted to one day meet in person, two of them had to die:
- Selena Perez Quintanilla (not Selena Gomez)
- Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter

I've watched their shows since I was kid, back when they were still alive. I recalled saying to myself ''Someday I'll meet them in person''. Unfortunately that day never came. Selena got shot to death and the other got killed by a sting ray. Both of them weren't just good at what they were doing but had such a sweet personality too. Nowadays it's nothing but pathetic Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Snookie, etc.


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  • Yea I always wanted to meet Paul Walker and Aaliyah 😔😭😩😞😖😫

  • It probably sucks more for the person who died.

    • True. They both knew they were dying and couldn't do nothing. The poor Selena was running for her life after getting shot and her last words were the woman's name and the room it happened. Steve Irwin's last words were ''I'm dying'' according to the camera man who tried his best to revive him.

    • Right, and their loved ones as well.

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