What song do you think describes you?

Feel free to link a song that either describes you or your mood.

I heard a Taylor Swift song as I was driving yesterday and I was like wow she's describing me! :p


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  • Sometimes I feel like I'm just drifting through life like a loner, but I still float on in the end of the day, so I'd say "World At Large" by Modest Mouse.
    I'm a relatively chill person but have a lot of complicated thoughts going on internally too so the feel of the song matches up well.

    • I feel like I do that too.. I'm trying to reconnect with old friends lately to see if I can rekindle old relationships. I miss having plans instead of just school and being super introverted.
      Nice song man.

    • Thanks :D
      Yeah, school can make life pretty harsh :/

    • You're welcome!
      And yes it can be lol

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