Do you think the frustrating aspect of Depression/mental illness is one can never walk in another persons shoes & know what is going on in their head?


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  • Awesome question - Yes for the sufferer and those closest to you - If you could just put into words how you feel without scaring the ones you love. Mental illness is the lonliest place and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Your question sums up exactly what is going on and doesn't need much added to it to get the point across.

    • i think it is harder for our generation for we could never express it for you were labelled 'weak'

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    • it is still very much token, for the only 'awareness' is acknowledging it. There is still much stigma attached

    • Thanks for MHG

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  • I understand completely. I once thought about explaining some person on the net my peril but then I stopped halfway finished because I realized that they just can't relate and if I wanted to explain everything fully, I'd have to post a massive wall of text they wouldn't even read anyway.