Please give me some help?

Lately I've been feeling like no one cares about me I'm there for everyone that needs me tons of people come to me to cry and talk about their problems and I always listen cuz I can empathize ya know? But then when I need help no ones there for me my own best friend is more than happy to ask me for help but when I'm on the brink of depression no one is there for me there's not a single person in my contact list that would care enough to listen and give me help I'm there for everyone I try to be the best friend or best best friend I can be I give people space, I'm there when they need me I'll always stop what I'm doing to help someone I try to be nice to as many people as possible I barely hold grudges other than with two specific people I just feel like no one cares about me tell me if u have any similar Experience cuz I feel like I've been through the wringer where i don't even care about myself anymore I've decided to not let myself love anyone because every time I get feelings for someone I get stomped on repeatedly I've been stabbed in the back metaphorically and stabbed in the arm literally but no once cares enough to listen my own family doesn't even understand or care I doubt anyone here cares either but I had to get this out please share your experience too


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