Psychic reading…?

i had a reading by few psychics telling me something would happen with a woman. at first i was told something would happen in 2-3 weeks back on April 8. hasn't happened yet. its a long story...

but what are your experiences with readings? what time did they tell you something would happen until it actually happened? how far off were they?

i was told by 3 psychics this woman will contact me. all 3 dont know when, or how, but one said,''sometime before the year is up''(this was in may). another 2 said,''she thinks of you, but i dont see her contacting u''

please share ur experiences. thanks.

one of them told me ''awkward staring between the woman and i''…it happened. getting in trouble with the law…also happened. thats why i don't doubt them.


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  • Same here!!! This lady told me that I would meet somebody that can deeply connect to me but that I should be careful what I wish for. I was confused by that. However she also told me that this guy is not ready to move forward and that I should just wait it out. She would also give me detailed description about the guy that's why I don't doubt it either.

    • careful what u wish for? did she ask u to make 2 wishes?

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    • i think i got it…ask a question, let me know what the topic is, in what category, ill ''follow'' you, and then we can message.

    • Already did under "other" topic

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  • You realize that psychics are bullshit right? I mean how difficult is it to "predict" a pubescent teenaged boy is going to be looking for sexual relationships?

    It is not surprising at all that the ones who tried predicting the time were wrong, and that the others had nothing to say about the details. They make seemingly personal claims that really would resonate with anyone who heard it.

    People who beleive in psychic nonsense will use the confirmation bias to affirm their beliefs, and they ignore the obvious points disproving it.

    I saw a psychic once for fun on my birthday. The things that she said that were true, again, pretty much would apply to anyone. "You had disagreements with your father," "family is important to you," "you wish to become better than you are but fear that you can't" etc. She was equally wrong about things just as general. "You want a family," "you are excited for marriage," "you don't talk to your mother enough" etc.

    Readings such as tarot cards are helpful in a specific way. They can force you to approach an issue or topic from an angle you've never thought to before, and gaining wisdom from that. But they hold no mysterious power. It actually helps to understand that they have no superstitious power behind them because then you take responsibly for your own life and action instead of relying on or submitting to the nonexistent force.


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  • It's not meant to be taken seriously. They just tell you what you want to hear.

  • I don't believe in that kind of bullshit

  • theyre never right, with me at least.


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