How likely is it for someone to recognize a post as mine?

So I was just wondering what everyone thinks.
I posted something about an X girlfriend on here, it was a very lengthy story. However, I posted it anonymously and did not mention any names.
There is nothing really in the story that suggests I posted it... the only thing recongnizable would be the actual events mentioned in the story.
How likley do you think it is that she would see it or know I posted it, and how likley would one of her close freinds be able to recognize it as mine?
As a note, I have no idea if any of these people I mentioned are even on this site.


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  • it's really hard to recognise anon people here unless they have signature one liners or writing styles that distinguish them..

    like there's this one user that pisses me off, his line is "i watch everyone on here" ... because that's not creepy or egotistical at all. easy to spot while anon.
    of course he is blocked now.

    • @justbanANNAz
      So you would say that it's extremely unlikely that someone I know in real life would recognize me on here if I was posting anonymously?

    • man i've been here over 2 years and can't see anyone i remotely recognise lol. this site has thousands upon thousands of users.
      if u live in the US, it's kind of even better if u think about it because there r SO MANY of u, so it's even harder.

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  • its crazy because I've seen numerous of posts similar to what i go through on a day to day basis... I was just thinking about your question right now actually while in the shower... lol but i haven't told anyone anything. so im pretty sure many people go through the same stuff as everybody. history repeats its self. same shit different toilet kind of thing

    • lol, thank you for the input.
      What do you mean that you haven't told anyone anything?
      So pretty much the story I wrote wouldn't necessarily be recognizable or stand out against other stories?

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