Why do family and people talk shit about me when I'm the nicest and most loyal?

I'm the most loyal, nicest, I have a really good and kind heart, I'm a real and straightforward person, I'm honest, logical, I'm not one for drama, problems, troublemakers and crap. And all I've been to them is nice, loving, caring, honest, real, etc. But they talk shit about me and they go around spreading it, and they make themselves believe it and they make people who don't even know me believe all the shit. And now it's like they all hate me, and because of how they are to me I'm always suffering from depression and feeling worthless. I have no family or anyone. Several of them blocked me on Facebook and I blocked a few because of the drama. I've tried telling them that I really care, I don't want drama, problems, troublemakers and crap, I'm not that kind of person. I want things like peace, love, respect, and good with them. I don't know what's wrong with them or me, and I've even sent my mom texts saying she stopped caring and that makes her mad. She's totally changed with me and I was so close to her and I could talk to her about anything. My relationship with her was totally exceptional. And she was the only person who I can talk to like that. What's the deal? What do I do? etc.


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  • Its because your so kind and caring they are going to take advatage of you. Just because you walk around respecting everyone and being nice doesn't mean they are going to return the favor. You need to develop a switch. When you are dealing with shitheads you flip it one way and try to act like the biggest asswhole to them. When you are with people you like you switch it off and be yourself, that way you dont get taken advataged of and abused by people.

    • Is it too late? How do I do that?

    • They even say that it's me starting shit and I always start shit when it's them and I would say that they're too stupid to admit that it's them so they give the wrong impression wrong beliefs wrong everything

    • Like i said, they are saying you are the one starting shit even though you are not because they think you will roll over and take it. Just get in their face and ask them what the hell is their problem, bet thwy cut that shit out fast.

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  • You need to and Stand up yourself. Don't be a push over. They'll get the message

    • How do I do that exactly?

    • Learn to say no for starters.
      Don't feel guilty about it. Read soe books it's a process that can't be explained in a few words.

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