Can anyone think of what kind of car this is (description)?

Long story short a bunch of guys in a car followed me when I was going for a walk and chased me down and I had to bang on a neighbors door for safety. Needless to say I'm scared.

I got a good look at the car but not good enough to see the make or license plate.

It looked like a two door, and the top of the back was slanted? Like it slanted downwards I guess. The back window was really small, that's why I'm assuming it was a two door, also due to it being on the small side. The front part of the car was kinda long. It looked like a car from the mid to late 90s, 2000 at the latest. But then again I'm no car expert.

I think it had that black line going across it that some BMWs and Kias have but I don't think it was a BMW or kia. My mom saw it and said she thinks its a toyota.

Any ideas


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