Do you think people who are mean or impatient are smarter than nicer people?

When I say mean I kind of like the people that get angry or impatient with the service they are provided like if they tell off their waiter at a restaurant or something like that. My dad is a very bright person but he has a temper and used to tell waiters off. I remember we had dinner for my 10th birthday once and the service was terrible but my father made it so much worse and made our waiter cry (it was her first day) I personally was willing to be patient and wait until they sorted things out but he just blew up at the staff and then he went off at the manager who came out to apologize.

I never knew his dad (so my grandfather) but my mother tells me that he was an incredibly intelligent man and did a very difficult job. The kind where you need a mix of genius and hardwork to ever get. So he was also super smart. But my mom said he was even worse than my father was about those kinds of things being impatient. I don't know if it's a generational thing (my dads in his sixties now and my grandfather I believe could have fought in WWII) so maybe that's just the world they grew up in and what they were doing was normal. However, I on the other hand am very patient with customer service even if it's slow and I always try to be nice to them. Even when they screw up and say it'll be a minute I can tell they think I might get mad at them but I just smile and tell them I'm in no rush so and they don't need to get stressed. I also don't think I'm anywhere near as intelligent as my father or grandfather were. I do well in school and am working hard towards a career in law but I just don't feel like I have that same natural genius that they had and I also notice that my personality is very different from them and I just wonder if those two things are related.

If you read through all of that I really appreciate it :)


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  • I wouldn't say that meaner people are more intelligent than nicer people, but I do notice that there are many highly intelligent people who get frustrated and upset when they encounter incompetence or idiocy.


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  • There's no doubt that intelligent people "can" be impatient
    but being impatient does not equal brightness. As I see it, that's
    just a simple lack of self-control.

    Also, when you say "smart" do you mean intelligence, or being wise?

    A truly intelligent person would be able to see it
    from the other person's perspective, and a wise person
    would not be bothered by something taking extra time.

    So yeah, I'm sure your father, and his father were intelligent people
    but being impatient and rude has little to do with it.


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  • Naa there are dumb ass short tempered people out there.

    I don't think there's a connection between being an ashole and being intelligent.