Dose anyone else have that little voice in the back of there head?

I seem to have a little voice in the back of my head telling me how terrible I am... But if it's in my head that means I'm thinking it right?
And it's nothing to worry about?
It mostly is there when I'm alone... I also sometimes hear this weird buzzing or ringing in my ears...

Dose this happen to most people or am I just completely crazy?


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  • It's called your subconscious. It's basically the same 'voice' as your conscious one, except that it's not been fully acknowledged by yourself (usually because it is emotionally painful). A lot of these thoughts have been suppressed, and usually stem from hurtful things, family, peers, etc, have said throughout your childhood.

    I can reassure you that everyone has to deal with these negative thoughts, and you should simply be aware of them without buying into them. They are literally just thoughts, so one need simply be sceptical of them.

    As for the ringing, that could be tinnitus, ie, if you listen to music for too long at loud volumes, you start to get a ringing. If you start to fright yourself and worry all the time, you start to tune into all these negative things, and think the worst is happening. It's about perspective and what one chooses to focus on (and err, turn the music down, if that's part of the problem :P). Learn to look after yourself and think kindly of yourself. :)


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  • I'm concerned for you. Your mental sanity needs to be questioned.

  • Yeah sometimes things pop up in my head I wouldn't usually think about and I'll be like "wtf".


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