Isn't life cool?

Think about it. We're blobs that eat other blobs and absorb their energy to survive. That's quite cool, in my eyes.
I think it's amazing how over time, life has come from just one common ancestor- ONE LITTLE THING, to all plants, animals and everything else. Animals that make their own light, plants that eat animals to replace their lacking nutrients in the soil, insects in a hive mind, like one being split up into lots of bodies, it's all so cool!
Not to mention the infinite complexity of food webs and brains and so on. One tiny thing going extinct can kill an entire ecosystem...
Isn't life cool?
Life is cool!

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  • it's nice to think about little things like that. preserve that way of thinking. it'll become much more predominant when ur older. =]


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  • Life is simply amazing asking questions here in @GAG.