What's a feature of the opposite sex that you find attractive that other people would overlook, find strange or otherwise not think about?


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  • Hands are the most beautiful s3xy eye candy in the world!!! but I'm pretty sure everyone knows this about me by now lol


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  • One thing I find immensely hot/attractive in regard to girls that literally ALL other men I've ever met in my life thought was kind of weird is that I love girls who dress casually. It's a really big turn on. I love it when a cute girl wears a comfy hoody that is a little too big for her. My dream girl dresses in a very casual style, with converse sneakers, jeans and some comfy, wide hoody or sweatshirt. I like this look much more than girls getting all pretty and elegant. For example when I see an attractive woman wear a ball dress or a cocktail dress and her hair being done etc. I usually think "yeah... I guess she looks pretty" but it doesn't really give me this "omg she's so cute/hot" type of feeling. I would always prefer a casually dressed girl over a girl who's dressed up for some special occasion or just likes to look elegant. Maybe it's because I'm not really into very feminine girls. So yeah... I guess that's a rather weird fetish. I yet have to find another guy who feels the same way ;-).


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