What should I get for my first car?

My first car that i got from my father is a mercedes benz S 350. Now that i have my own income i want to get a my first car that i buy with my own money, my options are BMW 320i or mercedes benz C 200. Which one should i get?

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Both of the cars are 2011 i cannot afford the new one cause they cost almost $70,000 in my country


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  • BMWs are ok but I Mercedes is better.

    • I have never drove a BMW, my friends who owns it said they're better cause BMWs were built for speed and mercedes are more for comfort

    • That's true

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  • Why don't rich people know about cars ever?

    Did you like the Mercedes you used to own?

    • I love my s class. Im not selling it i just want to get another one that i can buy with my own money.

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    • Second hand european car is really cheap, they're super expensive if you buy them new but the price dropped when you sell them. Not like japanese cars. At least this is how it is in my country.

      Like my car right now my dad bought it for almost 350k now its only worth like 100k-150k. Because mine is one of the top of the line (s class) the price doesn't drop too low.

    • Yeah there are tons of BMW's and Mercedes from about 1990-2002 on craigslist for under $3000.

  • Mercedes is always just an overpriced taxi cab. Go with BMW.

    • I'm thinking about that cause the BMW is slightly cheaper than the mercedes

  • I would go with the BMW , i like both, but looks wise i would choose the 320i


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