I'm predjuice aganist beautiful people, how do I stop this?

I believe that due to my experiences as a kid were I was treats badly by people I decided that the reason must be that attractive people just don't like me. This was a contributing factor to my low self esteem. The minute I find someone attractive I can't talk to them, especially girls. I want to know how to lose this as it hinders my daily life, many girls who obviously like me I couldn't move forward with because I assumed they would never like me , not to mention I felt my natural self wasn't good enough for them. Any advice folks?


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  • If your issues are deeply rooted then you'll likely need professional help. It sounds like you had a tough time as a kid and that worries me. I don't think this is a task you should work on on your own. I think you need someone with knowledge to guide you.

    • I've tried with one therapist but he thought it was anxiety which he tried to treat and as far as he was concerned I was cures. I might try a different therapist. My self esteem is terrible I know that and no matter what people tell me I cat escape my old way if thinking. Girls tell me looks wise I'm at least an 8 with 10 in personality and lots have liked me but In the past I was so suspicious of a pretty girl showing me attention I pushed them away

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    • Thanks I've emailed a new therapist to get the process started :)

    • @Asker

      That makes me so happy to hear. I really respect and admire people who reach out and make that move to get better. I'm hoping you'll get better and will realize you're perfect the way you are.

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