How important is status as a man?

I work at a hardware store right now.. I'm a single 22 year old man in the game. About to get a job for Wells Fargo as a teller and hopefully I will move my way up. I started college late and I'm an engineering major but want to double major in finance. Working at a bank and living on my university campus moving up with wells fargo I think would inscrease my status. Right now working at a hardware store.. going to community college and drive a pickup truck. Feel so old to be in my position.. feel lower class.

Once I get this job at wells fargo they will really help me with tuition assistance and I could afford to get a new car. Want to go luxury.


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  • Not a dealbreaker. If I had already fallen for someone who had a good but not exceptional job like say an accountant or something, I wouldn't leave them for a lawyer purely because of the prestige and money the latter would bring. It's important to me that the guy I'm with has a good job and able to potentially bring in a consistent and dependable income.

    What I wouldn't want and am actually weary about with guys who come from money or have hot-shot jobs like in a pretty high position in business or something is the mentality you seem to have in the last sentence of your post. 'I want luxury.'
    I hate the idea of being with a man who works and brings in money just to buy himself fancy toys, be it sports cars, penthouse suites, etc..

    • Surprised you brought down accountants to mediocrity. CPA makes really good money.

    • I didn't say accountants are mediocre. It's a great profession but I wouldn't lump them in the top 10-20% either...

    • Well I think in any business field or finance you have a very high ladder. It all depends I guess. Most CPA will average a little over 6 figures I believe. Fairly good income I'd say. Lawyers might be 150 a year. student loans for law school would bring them back down though.

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  • "Want to go luxury."

    Stupid decisions like this is why so many people nowadays are constantly in debt and can't build wealth because they just spend all their money as soon as they get it.

    • I got almost a full scholarship for university. Getting a 2007 or 2008 BMW for 14k isn't going to break me.

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  • You're only 22, I don't think any girl is going to expect you to have it all locked down now. This is the time where we work and study hard, and save. Don't live outside your means. There's a time for luxury cars and an upper class lifestyle, and it's not typically your 20's. Takes time and work to get there for most people. Save.


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  • Any, everybody will dead, important is other life so endless life