Why are people like this?

I was talking to my driving instructor, and he introduced me to the next person as, "This girl's father is a doctor," which I smiled thinking it was nice of him to respectfully introduce me as such. He waved to my father.

Then, almost instantly, (no joke), he started talking about how I just 'left' lessons out of nowhere. My face reddened, but I thought maybe I'm just reading too much into it, although there was a definite criticisve tone in there.

When we were driving, he went on to make several digs at me. In fact, at a point in time he blatantly said, "No one will give you a job without your license, when you apply also they'll reject you."

I was thinking what the fuck? Who is this guy to say those things, but I kept my cool. He continued pestering me the whole ride, asking if there was a co-op program at my school, then saying, 'Oh you know my son got his license 2 years back,' to which I finally snapped back, "well, I'm in my last year of University," as a way to get him to shut up.

I lost my cool entirely and started talking about how there are all these people in the world that feel the need to criticize, and if they're burning with jealousy then they're the ones at fault. He got the message.

I don't understand why people of low income are like this. I know it sounds like a horrible thing to say, but I have noticed this a LOT. It's like they can't really bring themselves to think of good things when it comes to rich people.


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  • He behaved badly, but your remarks reveal that you have similar prejudices against those less fortunate than you. You grew up knowing that you would be able to attend any college that would admit you, and would be able to do pretty much as you pleased with your life. Sure, you will have to earn a living but I expect you are graduating debt-free. If you can't find immediate employment, you'll go to graduate school or something, but won't be working for minimum wage hoping to make your quarter of the rent on a two-bedroom apartment. The days when anyone could just work their way through college are sadly over, and many talented young people simply can't afford it, or if they do, they graduate tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Have some sympathy for the many less fortunate than you.

    • Actually, I go to a non-prestigious school. Not that I didn't get into more prestigious ones, but I had a severe anxiety problem in University and thought my school may be a better environmental fit.

      Did I take all that resentment and go flinging it about at anyone who would listen? No, it took me great restraint, but I made myself understand that if I had graduated from there, I may have been a broken mess and the damage would be irreparable.

      Why can't people live and let live? I don't know why he's doing this, probably jealousy, but I would never behave like that.

    • If you or your family are catching a lot of attitude, it could be them, or it could be you. How well do you tip when you dine out? How well do you tip the hairdressers and landscapers and everyone else in town who provides services to your family? Do you know the names of all those people?

    • Actually, I am one of the most generous tip providers; and even on the rare occasions where I haven't been, the people have been perfectly polite. That's not the reason for sure.

      I don't provoke this guy for him to say some of the things he does. I considered that maybe he doesn't respect me because I don't go to a prestigious school? But that doesn't make sense, because most women who are rich (hate to say it), do degrees for the sake of it.

      So even if I was rolled up at community college which I'm obviously not, I would be very suprised if there should be a difference in attitude.

  • Wow you are no better than him. Some "people of low income" don't hate "rich people".

    • No, let me rephrase. People of low income in MY city are most certainly like this. My city has a very interesting type of demographic make-up, and it's certainly more over here.

      Trust me, I've travelled the world, and most people of 'low income,' don't hate 'rich people.'

      But in smaller towns, it's a lot (unfortunately), easier to keep tabs on people and react in a certain way.

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    • I hit x person. X person hits Y because I hit x. Y hits another person. This never ends.

      If you're good to me, I am the sweetest person on this planet. But people who cause conflict for no reason at all? Yeah, they deserve the shitty treatment I give them.

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