Sister-in-law just texted me?

I got married this past year. I was out with my husband, his sisters, and their husbands.

I have to work early in the morning so my husband and I left early.

The rest stayed out. They were drinking. It's safe to say they were having a good time lol

This is 100% a drunk text... I think.

One of his sisters texted me, "So we were wondering, how good is little brother ____ in bed? Hahahahahaha"

Am I allowed to ignore it? 'Cause let's be real. it's none of their business. Or do I reply?

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  • I'd just reply "I'd like to keep a little mystery between us, haha"


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  • be honest.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Say something like "He thinks he's Hercules".

    Tbh, I wouldn't be offended by that text. Its harmless and can be used as an inside joke.


What Girls Said 1

  • Did she fuck her brother

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