I'm I just being whiny?

Some days I feel just really sad...
And on those days when someone says the slightest thing I'll either start crying or fight with them. So my family always watches what they say around me especially after I get upset and just avoid me in general... Witch just makes me more upset...
So I basically stopped talking to people as much as possible because I thought I just made people upset...
So I didn't have any friends and I had trouble having a conversation with anyone in my family.
So I got even more upset and just... sad... I thought everyone would be better off without me... I never actually did anything but I was vary close to ending it... Just proves how much of a baby I am...

Then things started getting a bit better I started trying to talk to people, I got close with my brother and my old bff... But I still couldn't have a conversation with half my family.
So this lasted a little while but now... I'm starting to feel sad again my BFF gose to different school so we don't talk much anymore...
And I'm starting to feel like I'm not going to have friends or anything again... I'm starting to think maybe I should have just ended it...

I don't have a good reason to be upset I just am... I feel tired all the time and I don't really feel like doing anything either...

I'm I just being whiny?
Thanks for reading either way.
Sorry if my grammar or spelling is off I'm really tired at the moment


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  • yea you are being whiny and over dramatic you are still young plenty of time for your life to change you can't quit even be for you tried so go out and try be for you make any rash decisions if your going to quit what is the difference anyway

  • chronic depression maybe or perhaps bipolar


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