What do you think of Japan's new security bill?


"Article 9 of the post-war constitution, drafted under U. S. occupation in 1947, declares that the Japanese people “forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation.”

This constitutional language is common among the former Axis powers. Article 11 of the Italian Constitution declares that Italy “rejects war as an instrument of aggression.” Article 26 of Germany’s Basic Law forbids “activities tending and undertaken with the intent to disturb peaceful relations between nations, especially to prepare for aggressive war.”

Japanese forces will now be able to assist the U. S. and other allies if those allies were attacked, although there would still be limits on the scope and scale of Japanese assistance. The BBC notes, for example, that Japan could now shoot down a North Korean missile fired at the U. S. and provide logistical support to South Korea if Pyongyang invaded, but could not deploy Japanese troops to Korea."

If you don't know anything, China and Russia wants to change the status quo that the US dominates in East Asia.

Or maybe we should pretend that nothing will happen and go back drinking beer.


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  • This is a complex issue but personally I suppose I'm glad Japan has passed this bill. Given that Japan is such a decent country in so many ways, and such a force for good in the world (though no country is perfect, of course), it's beneficial to the globla community for Japan to be available to assist when necessary in armed conflict.


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