Girls, At what age time does a girl become a women?


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  • I don't know. At what age does a boy become a man?

    • When he 17 & above.

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    • I'm 22 and I still call people my age girls or guys/boys, it's just habit

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • There's a set age.
    I would hope by 18, a young woman is maturing enough to take on a lot of responsibility for herself. But upbringing, events in life, and natural biology will determine how long it is until she is a woman. We animals generally mature around the same time, but not everyone is different.

    • Can we say when is becoming mom she became full women too.

    • No, not in my opinion, because some people have children while they are children. And the ability to produce children doesn't equate to maturity.
      There are 14 year old boys that have children and 13 year old girls. And some are even younger.