I'm falling asleep during the day - but can't sleep at night?

I've tried staying awake all day - but it doesn't help. It's like my body won't adjust to sleeping during night.
In the summer I didn't sleep at the night, because it was either too hot or bright.
This is starting to affect my school, and I'm falling asleep during class WHICH isn't good.
Im just so exhausted.
I've tried to take a hot shower, turned every electronic device off, turning my television off, sleeping with nightmask, uding earbuds to block out sound - I even tried to eat clean, and open my windows during day.
NOTHING worked.

Please help me! I


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  • This is very similar to jet lag. You can try melatonin. It's never helped me but I know some people that swear by it. Available at any drug store and a lot of grocery stores.

    The biggest thing you can do is manage your eating schedule. I generally avoid eating for a 24 - 36 hr period, then go to a strict eating schedule as soon as it is bright outside, daylight have breakfast and then eat a regular schedule through out the day and stop eating and drinking as soon as it's dark.

    Things that help... regular exercise again during the daylight hours and outside, jogging etc.

    Expose yourself to sunlight as often as you can and avoid the use of sunglasses.

    At night, if you can't sleep, do things like reading (from an actual book and not a tablet or e-reader unless it is one of the screens that are not backlit) or writing, avoid getting active and don't do TV, video games, phones.

    If you are disciplined you can adjust your schedule in about 7 days time give or take a few days more or less.

    Try to limit your sleep during the day, keep it to 30 minute naps a few times a day if you have to sleep. But sleep deprivation will not help you adjust your schedule, it will only make you unable to concentrate and get things done when you need to do them.

    There is no single magic bullet, it takes a little bit of time and some self discipline.


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  • Masturbate, or do some hard exercising, anyhting that gets you tired

  • You answered the question yourself. You can't sleep at night because you sleep in the day

    • As said, I try to stay awake during day, and even when I do (which is more than often) I still can't sleep af night.

  • Stay up all day and night and day again


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