What’s cool in technology nowdays when it’s so damn mainstream now? do you agree with my post below?

1985: if u had a computer at yer home u were cool af…

1995: if u had a computer at yer home u were mainstream…if u had internet access at yer home u were cool af…

2005: if u had a computer and internet access at yer home u were mainstream…if u could access internet through yer phone sittin at a café u were cool af….

2015: computer/internet access at home r essential…accesin internet through phone at a café’s mainstream…..

Now…. wot? technology’s not cool anymore….


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  • Spelling and grammar, on the other hand, will always be relevant. Just noting.

    • I can write properly but i write like that (dat) for fun... is it bad?

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    • i believe dis guy wid da polo shirt was da best among all... :D

      but dis BEARDED guy's a... teen? o_O

      he looks like mid-20s...

    • I found myself yelling at these kids without realizing it. Especially the one girl who kept trying to stomp everything , found out it doesn't work, but kept doing it anyways. -_____-

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  • It's not that it lost its coolness. It's just focused on software rather than hardware. The major development these days is app software, and there are tons of apps coming out that wouldn't be possible a year ago. Hardware is improving and allowing for better software. Touchscreen phones are pretty new. Newer hardware includes VR devices (Oculus Rift), Organic LED displays, 3d printing, phone cameras and drone technology.

    • i use to own a sony ericson P900 back in 2004... it had touch screen... not so new actually... :)

    • Glad my opinion was helpful. :)

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  • totally agree!


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  • As you say it is essential now, no longer cool and moved beyond mainstream but now necessary - Have a little experiment say tomorrow morning I won't go online for 24 hours - I bet you will "Need" to at least once not "Just Want To" but have to.

  • Technology is still cool, it's just more accessible.

    • to... everyone...

    • Yeah, no problem with that
      It's still using advanced math and physics as its core