Where is this water park located? And how is it related with me? Anybody who could help?

I saw dis water park in ma dreams quite a few times…. dunno if it actually xist…but every time I’m there I feel like being in heaven…I feel like being in a constant state of happiness….

Unlike most water parks dis one’s really unique…since it’s open during nighttime as well and it’s an indoor one….

But most bizarre thing here’s when u r into it…. it gives u an illusion being in an outdoor water park in da daytime…..

Water park’s building it’s a huge white ball actually…imagine sth like dat……


building’s temperature’s like 100 F (~37 C)…. no matter if it’s wintertime or summertime on da outside….

When u step inside there’s a white staircase (about 100 stairs)…every 25 stairs there’s one gal (3 in total)….

Gal at 25th stair will give u yer ticket after u pay….

Gal at 50th stair will take off yer clothes…and give u a swimming suit if u don’t wear one already…

Gal at 75th stair will give u a towel and a floatin ring if u want to use waterslides….

And once u reach da 100th stair u’ll find da water park…..

It has a big pool about…100 yards maybe? and about 10 slides in da same pool….

Anyway…. point’s everytime I’m supposed to be there I have a gr8 time…and I tend to flirt wid lots of gals dat hang around there…and most of da time I end being successful…

Is there any reason behind all dis? And is dis waterpark a future vision?


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  • Clairvoyance and magic don't exist. Sorry to burst your bubble.

    • then wot it was?

    • Dreams usually build on things from your memory. Dreams of being at school usually have similar structures to one of your schools in real life or some other building. It probably started as a mix of different structures you've seen in real life, then you remembered it from the dream, then your brain used that memory to make the water park again and again. Recurring dreams are pretty common.

    • "It probably started as a mix of different structures you've seen in real life"

      ^dis could be though...

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  • I keyed in "Futuristic indoor water park" on google images - If threw back a fair few no sign of a white staircase though.

    • it wasn't so futuristic actually from da inside... not retro either...