Is it possible to suck at even fake crying as a girl?

I know that if hypothetically speaking I was in trouble and had to plead my way out... even that I would suck at it. I would be both robotic and stoic. Even worse, nothing would be coming out of me but probably silence and anger at the situation.

They say this is something natural it comes from a girl (to be an actress by crying her way out) and sometimes can save herself from a detention or other type of trouble but wow I suck at it.

Not sure if it's because from an early age, I was somewhat a tomboy and relate more to guy friends than girls.
I just read a post about some girl faking by bawling her eyes out to get out of trouble and I'm wondering ''how is she able to do that''? I would find it nearly impossible.


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  • yes its possible.


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  • we aren't all the same. and it's good you suck at it, because you won't be tempted to use crying as a weapon

  • I cry a lot and its not fake. Its my way of not dealing with confrontation I think.

    • Yeah as long as it's not fake ok. I tend to get upset and need to think about how to solve things when dealing with issues (it's like my brain is a bit wired like a guy's). Only time I've actually cried this year was when my grandfather died a couple months ago.

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