What does this coincidental sign mean?

2 days ago I went to a trip with my best friend, and I was painting on my sketchbook with her and then all of a sudden a robin (redbreast) came to me quite near on my left and I took a picture of it. And then it flew away, then minutes later it came back, and flew away again, came back again and this time left

On the next day I was on Facebook and I saw my crush's new profile picture and it was a robin! I was like "What a coincidence, I just took a picture of a robin yesterday and I wonder what these means!"

So what do you think this means?


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  • It doesn't mean anything. It's just a coincidence. Life is full of them.

    You are just trying to force a connection between you and your crush through literally anything that seems to have a similarity.

    • Oh ok, I thought it just means something. Like a symbolic sign kind of way

  • I think it means robins r very common birds and u two both saw robins.


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