Why is it acceptable to ask someone why they're so quiet?

I hate when people ask me why I'm so quiet and expect an answer from me. It puts me in such an awkward position and I feel like I have to come up with an excuse to defend my personality.

It's like asking someone why they're so fat. That's not acceptable and it shouldn't be acceptable to ask someone why they're quiet. It's extremely frustrating


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  • "I'll speak when you are worthy to be spoken to"
    "I'll speak when I have something to say"
    "I can't get a word in with your big mouth going 100 mph!"


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  • maybe they are trying to break the ice with you... or just trying to make you feel like you can open up to them and be comfortable.


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  • Get used to it. I was the quiet type in class and I was asked about it all of the time -_- but over the past couple of years it somehow died down a little. I guess it had to do with me not being afraid of talking and not avoiding it all of the time like I used to. I didn't of course talk as much as every one else but being able to fully answer questions made people stop asking me that stupid question.


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