Is it easy for you to ignore people?

I've been intentionally not talking to someone for the past few days and while I've succeeded... it's been difficult. Because I usually tell this person things when I think of them and have a thought I want to share with them.

Granted, it's been a bit easier because they haven't been in contact with me either. But that's unfortunately the norm lately, so it doesn't make it a WHOLE lot easier. I'm used to talking to dead air and maybe getting a reply to 1 out of like 4 things I tell them while they're off being busy.

If I cared less for this person it'd be 100% easier, I'm sure. But I care a bit too much for them so I have been habitually checking my phone to see if they've said anything to me, or noticed my silence towards them. (Which isn't my usual MO, but direct confrontation gets me nowhere so.. passive aggressive silence it is!)

TL;DR questions:
1. Does your level of affection towards someone determine how easy it is for you to ignore them?
2. Is there a point where, despite how much you like them, you get fed up and it's easier to ignore than try?
3a. Have you ever used the passive-aggressive silent treatment tactic when confrontation failed you?
3b. Has confrontation EVER failed you?


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  • I can never annoy me. I'm just not a mean person, and I would never do something that I wouldn't want done to me. I hate being ignored, it hurts me so badly inside. I don't know why, i'm just a really sensitive person, I guess.
    Well, to answer your questions:
    1. Yes it does. If it was my boyfriend, family, or friends, it would be so much harder for me too ignore them than if it was a stranger or someone that I don't particularly like.

    2. No, I never get fed up with someone I care about, if that's hard to believe. XD Well... that's an understatement, if they were annoying me, I would let them know, and I wouldn't hurt them by stop talking to them.

    3a. No, the silent treatment is really, really toxic. I posted a question about it a few days ago.
    3b. Yes, it has a few times with a bad ex that I had. He ended up cursing me out. Ohhhhh well.


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  • If it was, I wouldn't have answered this


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