Is this video racist and sexist?

So apparently this video was at first taken down for objectifying women. And also for being racist because there are only white women in the video.


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  • I think the intention was to promote the sisterhood within the sorority and honestly it was kind of weird seeing that everyone was white, but is it really any different from all black sororities? The weirdest part of the video was seeing a bunch of blonds dressed in white in one room, it kind of looked like a cult lol. Other than that I fail to see where the objectification of women comes into play? If it does then it's those ladies faults for objectifying themselves lol. I think the intent was harmless but considering how long the video was and the lack of diversity I could see where some would be offended. The only person who wasn't white was the black guy, and seeing that did get under my skin a little bit I'm not going to lie.


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  • No, I honestly don't see anything wrong with it. It's just a group of girls having fun.


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