I accidentally implied I find my best friend's ex attractive (I do) and I feel like he's mad at me. What do I do?

So on Saturday me and some friends were talking in a Google Hangout and one of my best friends added some of his friends from outside our school. Well to be frank I found this one girl attractive, but she lives several states away so I know shit ain't happening.

Then yesterday I learned that she was my friends ex. Today we were talking again and I implied that said friend's ex is attractive. Well he kicked me from the chat but promptly invited me back.

Now I'm worried he's mad at me for what I did. I talked to him and he assured me that he's not mad and that he was pretending. But I can't shake the feeling. What should I do?


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  • I didn't know people actually use Google hangout. And just give him some time to become more mature.