I have a strange anxiety?

I am scared of walking into a shop and a Chinese person starts speaking Chinese to me. I AM KOREAN! It really gets annoying. And I thought Westerners cannot differentiate between Chinese, Japanese and Korean. I am WRONG! the Chinese people adopt Korean and Japanese into their own group as well! I never walked into a shop and had people speaking Japanese/Korean to me. IT'S ALWAYS THE CHINESE GOING UP TO JAP AND KOREANS SPEAKING CHINESE TO THEM! It's SO annoying. And I don't even look Chinese! Maybe it's the way I dress? My friends never go into Chinese shops in fear that they will be mistaken as a Chinese!


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  • You could always just ignore them xD no I'm joking, keep your cool and just tell them you're not Chinese. Don't let it cause you anxiety, ignore them you have to!


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  • Hey now that's not fair, Asians do look kind of alike but there are subtle differences such as your eyes which enable us to tell you apart, most people just never take the time to learn those differences or don't care.

    Anyway, I suppose if it bothers you that much just learn, I'm not Chinese in Chinese but also generally the people you'd most see in a Chinese shop anyway would probably be tourists or other Chinese people.

    • Yes. All Chinese speak Chinese to you, to every Asian exactly! I never had Japanese or Korean do this to me in their shops. I wonder why. Never! Chinese people adopt every single Asian as their own and speak Chinese to them. I WILL NEVER go into a Chinese shop again, like my friends who complain of being spoken Chinese to!

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    • But English is a Universal language. I think the population of Chinese is so big that Koreans and Japanese are negligible. They speak Chinese to everyone. You can search up typical Chinese girls and I don't look Chinese at all.

    • As I said I know the differences between the Asian ethnicity's.

      I'll agree with you that their population is to big.

  • Why don't you just speak English to them?

    • All the time. They get angry or reply in Chinese. Hardly any use.

    • That's rude, the people who does that is just ignorant. You can pretend like you speak Chinese back to them and see how they react for a laugh

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