Stupid question I know but I just have to ask?

So this guy has been acting really interested in me but I just had a really embarrassing moment in class. I was chosen to read in class with a microphone. Im a very shyyy person and I was literally shaking and I turned red as I was reading kind of slow from time to time. Like I started off right but then I was getting nervous and said random words that weren't there. He was sitting next to me and I was sooo embarrassed I just looked away from him for the remaining time. by the way we're seniors. Guys, if a girl you liked did this what would u think? I PROMISE I CAN READ
After class, he just got up and left quickly...


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  • I wouldn't think much of it. People always get nervous when public speaking.

    • Okay thank you soo much. Im still embarrassed by it but hopefully he didn't think im a complete idiot hahah.

    • Don't feel embarrassed. Look at it as an opportunity to figure out why you got nervous. Plan a strategy to use when a similar situation happens. Like maybe you were worried what others might think and you got nervous. Your strategy might be to focus on making the reading interesting for the class by adding drama to the delivery.

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