Not sure what else to think. But does anyone think Psychics are real?

So about a week ago I was told by a man that I would soon have a little girl. I told him that Im not pregnant and he then said that he knew that I wasn't but I would be soon and it would be a girl because he could see it. And he then told me that he knew I wanted a boy but it wouldn't be because I already have one. I wasn't really sure what to think at the moment but then later on I started to think that maybe he could be right. Because I know my aunt years ago had a psychic tell her she would have a little girl and she did about a year later. So I just wanted to get someone else's take on it. Do you think psychics are real?


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  • LOL no. Most people have kids and you're more likely to have a girl than a boy. All psychics are a crock


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  • There are people who are adept in guessing, does that mean they have magical powers? no.

  • Hmm there's something called the James Randi foundation that will give anyone 1 million dollars if they can prove psychics or any supernatural phenomena are real. If these "psychics" are confident in their abilities they should make bank.


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