Which places should I travel in Australia?

In 2017, I will be done with my under grads! Last I travelled out of my country was in 2010, I had gone to America. So I need a vacation of my own. So I will be old enough to travel on my own at least for 3 months or even more to Australia! I love shopping, trying different food but I am a vegetarian, I love drinking and going for parties. I even want to meet new people, especially guys! My parents are rich but I don't want to waste so much of money of theirs, so I want to stay in Melbourne for like 3-6 months in a cheap service apartment and work over there like in cafe's or whatever. Can you give job ideas but not much work like working at a coffee shop will be the best I think. Is Melbourne the place I am looking for as I am a solo traveller. Are there any other places that I should travel in Australia? There are service apartments in Melbourne right? What's the cheapest? Which area should I rent the service apartment in Melbourne?


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  • I think @mooky06 lives in Mel if I'm not mistaken. Maybe she could help..

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