What do you think about Ned Kelly?

just incase you don't know, he was an Australian "Outlaw" in the late 1800's
What do you think about Ned Kelly?
i personally think of him as a hero

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  • View Luke Hodge as a bigger hero :)

    • eh, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. i don't like football so i don't agree hehe

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    • Brilliant man, be a great PM

    • yeah he would, he seems to hae had troubles with the US and Switzerland

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  • I remember having to write a report on him in primary and I'd labelled him a hero then and have since stuck to my answer

    • i agree, i did the same thing. he did what he thought was better for the poor

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  • I have no idea who he is but looks like zayn Malik with a beard.

    • no, no no no no. don't ruin him for me. Ned Kelly is an Australian idol

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