Stopping a kitten scratching everything?

So me and my partner's Hannah's 7 month old kitten millie (she's not fully grown till she's 1) has decided she does not want to play with her scratching post now and has started scratching everything she can find she's already damaged one of Hannah's dresses by scratching at it we want her to stop being so destructive we understand Millie needs to scratch to keep her claws at the right length hence the scratching post

she's an indoor cat and rarely goes out as gets frightened easily by cars etc.

Any idea's?

P. s I am going to mention someone here as she's good with animals aswell @hannah591 and I would like to see what she suggests aswell


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  • It seems she prefers fabrics so find some scrap fabric and hang it up by her scratching post. Put catnip on her scratching post and she may start scratching in that area. When she scratches something she shouldn't, scare her, make a noise or splash water on her and you'll teach her though negative reinforcement that whenever she scratches those things, those bad things will happen. Never fail to do it. When she scratches the scrap fabric or the scratching post, give her a treat.

    • Thanks Hannah we have been gently spraying her in a mist we got from the pet shop it does not hurt her but has a slight odour which is fine to us because we can't smell it but Millie can and does not like it one bit so she's learning to scratch her post again which has Katnip on it which my girl changed for her and not anything else otherwise she gets sprayed.

    • Glad my advice helped! :)

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  • OMG Kerbie. A cat question with no pics. ARE WE EVEN FRIENDS? ;P

    You have to create a clear reward and punishment system for her. Get a nice scratching post for her. Like rub catnip all over it and encourage her to use it. Like if she starts scratching where you don't want her to, pick her up and take her to the scratching post for the first few days. Then when she has actually scratched ON the post give her a treat. If she still scratches where you don't want her to after that, squirt her with water or put some pence in an aluminum can and shake it.

    I would also think about keeping her inside full time because you can keep her claws trimmed which will help with the scratching.


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  • One other tip is to get two or three medium-sized logs from outside and cut them so they will stand upright (in a safe way), then just put them around the living area. Cats (of course) prefer to scratch wood and bark--that's what they're programmed to do--so if you have some actual wood and bark to scratch, it will be the preferred target. :) If the logs are big enough, kitties can perch on top.

    I know the scratching is irritating but it's just one of those things when you have a cat. The little rescue mama we've got loves to scratch the sofa cover, but that's fine; it was old anyway. My mom's cats have a preferred armchair, so it has basically become theirs to scratch. We've had rescue cats forever and overall we've experienced very limited destruction of property. :) Good luck.

    • Intresting idea , she has scratched wood outside before and Millie loves anything she can climb onto and Perch herself on or hide in my girl Hannah bought her a massive cat castle we know if she's not scratching something lying on the bed then she's snoozing in the castle

    • Cool. Cat castles are great. :) If it's the carpeted kind, then it gets worn, you can just wrap some thick twine (from any hardware store) around it, and use a staple gun to keep it in place.